Coubertin Office

In 1915, Pierre de Coubertin undertook an important and pioneering administrative step by moving the bureaucratic organization of the IOC from his home in Paris to Lausanne, Switzerland, in an attempt to protect the neutrality of the Olympic Movement during the War. In April 1915 the mayor and the municipality of Lausanne welcomed this transfer and organized a small reception in the presence of Coubertin and Godefroy de Blonay who was member of the IOC in Switzerland from 1899 to 1937. The municipality offered Coubertin a room in the Casino of Montbenon as the IOC headquarter. From 1915 till 1922 Coubertin still worked from his home in Paris and stayed in a hotel when he was in Lausanne. In 1922 Coubertin left Paris permanently and moved to Lausanne with his family. In the following year he accepted the offer from the municipality to move into an apartment in the Villa Mon-Repos.The villa, which is the office of Olympic Solidarity today, became the new headquarter of the IOC, together with the first Olympic Museum.More information:

PHOTO: Restitution of Coubertin`s office in the Villa Mon-Repos (CIPC).

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