Legacy of Pierre de Coubertin

The CIPC has been working on projects with the proposal of maintaining the legacy of Pierre de Coubertin, as well as his Olympic idea and, also, bringing people more knowledge about the history of the CIPC. Because of that, we have a project which objective is a Lecture Series on Pierre de Coubertin and the Meaning of his Olympic Idea Today.Students of sport and physical education are relevant target groups that have the ability to shape the future mission and correct understanding of sport within society. This is also important for establishing the correct public perception of the Olympic Movement. However, for this to be achieved students must form a multidisciplinary knowledge base, in order to be able to analyze and promote the values of the Olympic Movement. It is often the case that in lectures on the Olympic Movement, dissemination of knowledge is limited due to curricular specifications. Teaching units on Pierre de Coubertin and above all on the relevance of a modern understanding of his ideas are often omitted. Consequently, the CIPC could provide a solution by offering expert-guided lectures on Pierre de Coubertin and a modern understanding of his principles of Olympism. This would greatly improve the expansion of knowledge on the Olympic Movement. The lectures could be offered to universities as extracurricular activities in sport and physical education departments.

PHOTO: Pierre de Coubertin at the age of 31 (CIPC).To know more about this project and others, visit: http://www.coubertin.org/projects/.

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