Olympic Institute Lausanne

Olympic Institute Lausanne. In order to support the establishment of sport centres Pierre de Coubertin founded ´The Olympic Institute´ in Lausanne in the in the winter of 1916/17. Its aim was not only to propagate the idea of communal sport centres, but to serve as a best practice example at the same time. Its motto was mens fervida in corpore lacertoso.The first workshop with theoretical lessons and physical activities took place in spring 1917. The target group consisted of French and Belgian military detainees. Unfortunately, the Olympic Institute did not survive the end the First World War. It was the only initiative of that kind.Other municipalities than the one in Lausanne were not open for this project idea and in many cases did not even consider it in discussions. Probably because of this negative result, once again Coubertin tried to promote the idea of the revival of the ancient gymnasium. He did it at the 8th Olympic Congress which was held in Prague from 29th May to 4th June 1925. It was the last Olympic Congress under Coubertin’s presidency. Actually, the gathering in Prague consisted of two separate congress. One was announced as the ´Technical Olympic Congress´ and the second one as ´Pedagogical Olympic Congress´. As to the latter, the programme contained nine topics of which the fifth topic was dealing with the revival of the ancient gymnasium. But again, no practical initiatives were taken up to support the re-launch of the concept.More information: coubertin.org/.

PHOTO: Teachers and participants of the first workshop in 1917 (CIPC).

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