The beginning of Olympic Games

Since the beginning of Olympic Games’ history, the international composition of the IOC reflected Coubertin’s universal ambitions with the Olympic Movement. He foresaw that the IOC would maintain a group of individuals that self-recruited new members who could contribute to the global development of the Olympic Movement. According to Coubertin, the IOC members needed toContinue reading “The beginning of Olympic Games”

Pierre de Coubertin chose education as a way to contribute to France’s growth

Pierre de Coubertin chose education as a way to contribute to France’s growth. His starting point was the introduction of sport in high schools, which developed, in general analysis, essentially contesting the educational system as a whole.Youth, therefore, represented most of Coubertin’s work, since his proposals were based on his pedagogical concerns. The Baron’s devotionContinue reading “Pierre de Coubertin chose education as a way to contribute to France’s growth”

[Universal Pedagogical Union

In Prague 1925, Pierre de Coubertin stepped down as the active president of the International Olympic Committee. In his speech on 29th May which was both a farewell message and focused on the future, he stated that “the future of civilization […] depends solely on the educational direction that emerges. […] The time has comeContinue reading “[Universal Pedagogical Union”

Open the doors to the temple!

The conflicts generated by the First World War caused Pierre Coubertin to further increase his vision for all classes of society and the importance of history at all times in life. For him “History’s admiration will now go to the mass of obscure combatants”.In another quote, Coubertin talks about the future: “nothing will be decidedContinue reading “Open the doors to the temple!”

Association pour la réforme de l’enseignement scolaire en France

In 1906, Pierre de Coubertin created the “l’Association pour la réforme de l’enseignement” (Association for teaching reform), thus reorganising the “Association pour la réforme de l’enseignement scolaire en France” (Association for the reform of school teaching in France), which he launched in 1889. Education was always the guiding thread of his activities, and the OlympicContinue reading “Association pour la réforme de l’enseignement scolaire en France”

Union of French running associations

In May 1888, Pierre de Coubertin joined the pioneers of French athletics, notably Georges de Saint-Clair (Racing Club) and Jules Marcadet (Stade Français), who founded the Union des Sociétés Françaises de course à pied [Union of French running associations] on 18th January 1887. Two years later, it became known as the Union des Sociétés FrançaisesContinue reading “Union of French running associations”

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