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    16 Jun 2020 by

    Today Malta Sport For All has received an amazing letter from the International Pierre de Coubertin Committee thanks our National Pierre de Coubertin Committee for the work done! This is something amazing for all of us! Thank you!

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We would like to welcome the readers to the Malta Pierre de Coubertin Committee website which has been completely renovated and updated in 2019.

The content of our website provides a comprehensive overview on Baron Pierre de Coubertin who ist he founder of the Olympic Movement. It also gives basic knowledge about Coubertin as an educator who promoted progress through sport as a valuable tool for character development, social change and transcultural respect. In addition, the website provides useful information on how Coubertin`s ideas could be put into practice in contemporary educational initiatives.

Our new, dynamic website is replacing the original one. We wish to offer to our readers and researchers constant updates on our activities and those developed by our members around the world. This website will be evolving constantly and we welcome comments and suggestions from the readers.

Thank you for visiting our website and enjoy the content.

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